Development Map

0.0.8 Update (Published)

  • Added character armor
  • Added bow and arrow
  • Added Third Person cam
  • Sandbox mode added
  • Added new desert biome
  • Improved crafting system
  • New recipes added
  • Optimization Work
  • Bugs fixed
  • Sound started
  • Up to Unity 2019.2.15

0.0.9 Update (Published)

  • Added workbench (to speed up craft items)
  • Added sleeping bag and bed
  • New animals added, improved intelligence
  • Added bonfire for cooking and heating
  • Added a large chest for storing items
  • Sounds and music added
  • Optimization Work
  • Bugs fixed
  • Up to Unity 2019.2.20

0.1.0 Update (Published)

  • Added character skins
  • Added game shop (items, weapons, skins, texture packs)
  • New game balance and economics
  • New system for saving progress and worlds
  • Redesigned physics of blocks and objects, drop optimization
  • Fixing game interface, fixing bugs, preparation for release
  • Localization in 10 languages (some machine translation)
  • First alpha version available in Google Play

0.2.0 Update (In Progress)

  • Construction of fences (including automatic)
  • New more realistic skyboxes (with day and night change)
  • Ability to spawn mobs in sandbox mode
  • Add Strength to Items and Weapons
  • Adding condition to foods (meat can go bad)
  • New food and new blocks (decor, construction)
  • Recreation first person camera 
  • Up to Unity 2019.3.15

Our goal is a real survivor with an interesting plot and quests, a large universe with various modes including multiplayer, ready-made maps. From the gameplay, we plan to implement automatic building of houses, customization of the character, export of skins to minecraft, the system of relations between the NPC and the character and much more! You can support the project with a good assessment and review, where you indicate - what would you like to see in the game, your opinion and your feedback are important to us.

Knuckle Studios